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People have nice things to say about Will K but you can hear for yourself!

Wedding quote request form

Asking WillK the DJ to be a part of our October wedding reception was one of the best decisions we made! Will was incredibly easy to work with; he was so great at communicating with us, the venue, and the coordinator throughout the entire process. Expectations and processes were clearly presented, without any surprises or glitches.  Contracts, set up, break down, payment - in fact all of the logistics - were very professionally executed and timely. Not only was the business side smooth, Will was very responsive to the vibe we wanted to create and spot on with his play list and his emcee responsibilities to keep the evening moving and fun. And best of all, he really seemed to be enjoying the evening as well which made it even more fun for us!  He got nearly every guest out on the floor and moving. Can’t think of a better option if you’re looking for a brilliant DJ for an event!

-Jamie W.

"I would recommend Will for a wide variety of events. I've seen him at work multiple times and he does his job well."

-Christopher S.

"I’ve known Will professionally for some time. When I asked him to do a private event for me I was blown away about how good he was. Easily one of the best DJs I’ve had work for me. I work in the night club industry so that statement comes with a lot of emphasis on it as I’ve encountered plenty of sub-par DJs over the years. If you’re looking for a great DJ look no further."

-Andrew K.

"Every experience I have had with Will has been superb. He is always timely, professional, flexible, and friendly!"

-Eric F.

"Dude killed it with my grad party! Played a super eclectic mix of music and even got my grandparents to dance!! I highly recommend this guy for any event you're hosting."

-Kaleb B.

"I watched Will DJ an 8-hour New Year’s Eve party at a Colorado ski lodge. The first half of the night was the family event which probably had a couple of hundred people. Along with background music, Will handled announcements during the early fireworks show and buffet line. Once dinner was complete, Will got the dance floor going with a mix that kept parents, teens, tweens, grandparents—everyone-- partying for a couple hours straight. Will knows what’s currently popular but also knows a lot of crowd pleasers and when to change things up for the different age groups. He even did some slow dances for the parents which were very well received.

Once the family portion of the evening wrapped up, Will moved upstairs for the adults-only count down party. The crowd was pretty diverse coming from several different states but still plenty rowdy waiting to ring in the New Year. Will mixed in a wide range of requests for country-western, hip hop, reggae, and classic rock and seemed to keep everyone happy judging from the full dance floor all night. Will definitely knows what songs work together and how to keep the energy level of the crowd up.

Between the family and adult show, Will played tunes for nearly 8 hours straight, with almost no break. And I don’t think he repeated a song either."

-Neal K.

"Will is very serious about his work as a DJ. He constantly works to both tailor his music to the events he serves while staying on top of new music and trends. He goes above and beyond to ensure that he is able to give his clients the best experience possible. Will's knowledge of music extends beyond just working as an event DJ and it shows in the quality of his performances and productions."

-Lisa D.

"I saw Will DJ at an outdoor event in Stapleton. It was a large area and the volume was just right. The music selection made everyone feel good and he manage to interact with the public without missing a beat. Cool party. Karen"

-Karen B.

"The couple of times I have used Will's services, he has been a consummate professional. He has a good ear when it comes to playing his own sets, as well as being able to read and play to a crowd."

-Alex G.

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